Improving health through better data and personalized engagement


We started Health Coda because we were inspired by our work at Facebook and Google to bring closed-loop machine learning to healthcare. We are rethinking areas of high cost, fee-for-service care and creating more effective solutions using technology and insights on behavior.

Our founding team brings expertise in consumer technology, data science, and healthcare. Together with our advisors and backing from investors, we aim to improve health with better data and technology.

Our product focus


Solutions that see us as individuals


Iterative feedback for each user


You pick the time and place


Delightful experiences that translate into outcomes

Our initial focus area is on musculoskeletal conditions, which affects 1 in 2 adults and is one of the largest cost drivers in healthcare spending.

We believe exercise is medicine. In particular for self-insured employers, we see exercise and physical therapy as inexpensive and effective levers to reduce expensive imaging and surgeries downstream.

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Free workouts created by Physical Therapists to build strength and flexibility.

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Our Physera Enterprise program is a first-in-kind digital platform to deliver musculoskeletal care preemptively and use ongoing outcomes to tailor the treatment to each individual employee.

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We want to make people healthier, happier and more informed. We are passionate about bringing closed-loop machine learning to healthcare and improving current health delivery models. We are opportunistically hiring self driven and self regulated superstars in the areas of software development, product, design, and sales. If you share our passion and want to join us in making a difference in the world please get in touch.

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